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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rolemodel material?

So, today was the last day of school, several of the kids are handing out goodies to the kid gives a single rose each to the two ladies I work with and then looks at me and says, "Mr. Sears, I asked my parents if there was a bobble head sports figure I could give you, but we didn't have any"(his dad works for a sporting goods store)...I laughed and said thank you for the thought.....two girls presented me with portraits, they gave me hair! student gave me chippers, another gave me some "moose munch"(carmel popcorn & chocolate covered peanuts)...some fancy chips and salsa, and a "the works" car wash.....I am going to like this teaching gig, so many perks!!.........Friday morning we have a farewell breakfast for staff, as much as I hoped for the end of the school year I realize now that my extended family is no more, although I take away many wonderful memories & many new friends,........ hopefully I influenced some kids in a good was a joyful and sad day all in one...........The ABSOLUTE HIGHTLIGHT of my day revolved around a random parent stopping me in the hallway and telling me "I want to tell you that I am impressed with you taking on the responsibility of being a para, and being a male para on top of that, I think it is so wonderful for you to be doing what you are doing, and being a role model for theses kids, I'm just so happy there is a positive male figure for these kids to look up too, thank you."........and the best part, the school principal overheard about being speechless, I was blown away by her comments......I was almost moved to tears, almost....I choked up a bit though.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger brian said...

That's awesome, Dave!

I can't picture you crying... :)


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